Who we are

OpenEye is a joint initiative between Eye Division Ltd and independent technologist Neil C Smith.

Eye Division Ltd

In 2001 Alun Ward founded Eye Division Ltd after seven years developing web sites, starting out with the Mosaic browser and Notepad. With OpenEye he leads on design, helping clients to integrate existing branding into their online presence, or to develop a new look if required. He also takes care of our hosting and backup provision.

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He manages the Oxford based networking group Digital Creatives Oxford.

Alun is a practising artist, working with sound, film and paint, and has held over 15 exhibitions. Visit Alun's personal website.

Neil C Smith

Neil is a technologist based in Oxfordshire, specialising in the use of open-source software. He has experience across a range of technologies and programming languages, and leads on the Drupal build and database side of OpenEye sites. Neil has a background working in the arts and voluntary sectors, and worked as Arts Officer (Strategic Development) at Oxford City Council from 2001 to 2006. He is also an artist specialising in the use of technology in the real-world, and has been coding his own art projects for over a decade.

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